Home Safety Tips for Seniors

Being safe inside our homes should an important concern for all of us, especially for seniors. Seniors can be an easy target for criminals. Scams, frauds and financial abuse are some of the common crimes against senior citizens.

As a caregiver, preventing accidents and ensuring that your loved ones are secure is your top priority. Here are a few things that you can do to help provide a safer home for your senior parent or other relative.

  • Close the doors and windows- Lock your doors and windows, no matter howlocking door safe the neighborhood is. Make sure the front as well as the back access doors are made of solid wood or metal. If you are installing a glass front door, use unbreakable safety glass that has privacy film installed. Don’t neglect windows and install security film on the inside of the glass for better protection.
  • Minimize trip and fall hazards- Falls can be devastating for elderly people, and can lead to serious injuries and slower recovery. To avoid tripping accidents, safeguard your home with simple precautions. For example, install a walk-in shower so that it becomes easier to enter and exit. Install support bars in the toilet and near the bath tub to help elderly person get in and out of the tub. Replace fraying carpets and remove loose rugs or floor mats to avoid falling. Place appliances close to the electrical circuits so that they are close to the outlet. Light the walkway properly-Another major contributor of indoor accidents is improper lighting. Poor outdoor lighting also poses a security risk. To ensure safety at home, make sure the outdoor as well as indoor areas are well lit. The hallways, driveways, porch and backyard areas should have proper lighting.
  • Organize common items and furniture-To improve safety for senior citizens, it is important to organize common items so that the items most often used are in convenient within the reach places. Adjust the height of furniture and arrange them in such a way so that it is easier for the seniors to access and use.
  • Install a good home security system-Rise in crime rate and increased awareness is making elderly people embrace the security systems. The right home security system helps to make your home and parents safer from the threats of thefts, vandalism and accidents. Installing CCTV system in your home helps you in your strive to maintain high security in your property, and in turn offers you peace of mind.


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