Hello, and welcome to my personal blog dear virtual friends, as you can probably already seen on home page-my name is Nancy Garcia, I am a nurse and I’m taking care about seniors, that is a high-minded job and for me it’s not really hard. I hope you will enjoy on my blog, stay touched and get the latest news about nursing, public health and safety.


Public Health Ethics – current issue

  • An Ethical Justification for Expanding the Notion of Effectiveness in Vaccine Post-Market Monitoring: Insights from the HPV Vaccine in Canada
  • One Health and Culling as a Public Health Measure
  • Ethical Promises and Pitfalls of OneHealth
  • Does Population Health Have an Intrinsically Distributional Dimension?
  • Referral of Research Participants for Ancillary Care in Community-Based Public Health Intervention Research: A Guiding Framework

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